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35 Years of Plumbing and heating excellence !
Covering Corfemullen and Wimborne areas !
Customer Feedback.

“As a company we have been using JK Ewing and son for over 15 years to service all our gas appliances and heating systems. The level of service they offer is one of dedication and are always prompt to sort out any heating problems that arise. I cannot recommend them enough. “

David Parkhurst.

“We had a problem with our heating system which was failing to heat up the house efficiently, so decided to ring Jk Ewing and son. I was impressed by their prompt service and in no time they called by to investigate the problem, after power flushing out the heating system we now have our heating back to how it used to be and a nice warm house. Thank you guys ! “  

Mrs Sampson

“John has been my local plumber for the best part of 20 years, over that time he has done many jobs which have been carried out in a very professional manner, he is prompt in addressing the issues at hand and his knowledge of heating and gas systems is imence. I always recommend his service to anyone who is after an honest and experienced heating engineer.

Jack Norton

“I called up John after he was recommended to me by a friend to ask him for a quote on a new central heating installation. I was amazed at the saving I made.My new central heating system was up and running in no time. He really knows his stuff and gets to work in no time rarely even stopping for tea.

Michael Kee